Tracy Brown-May: Experience & Advocacy for Assembly District 42

Tracy is a passionate advocate and a champion of the people. She is determined to help create better jobs, a stronger economy, high-quality education for all our students, access to housing for all Nevadans, and a robust healthcare system that focuses on wellness and health. Tracy is a longtime disability advocate and has seen firsthand the incredible value of workforce development. She has spent the last 20+ years engaged in community building, disability support services, and systems advocacy.

Tracy grew up in a working-class family. Her father, a union carpenter, taught his family the value of working with your hands and the importance of quality in craftsmanship. Tracy’s mom was a dedicated leader in the Massachusetts Division of Employment and Training. The example of helping neighbors and being involved in community were values often exemplified in Tracy’s family

Today, with a strong business background centered in the non-profit sector, Tracy understands the needs of both employers and the residents of the communities in which businesses operate. She believes in listening more than speaking, and champions relationship-building with members in her district.

Serving in Assembly District 42 since February 2021, her legislative focus has prioritized bringing the issues important to our community forward. Tracy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from Northeastern University in Boston, and an Associates Degree from CSN, Las Vegas.

A former gaming employee, and current non-profit executive, Tracy is proud to represent the people of Assembly District 42. A dedicated mother, Tracy and her husband share three adult children, all of whom were born and raised in Nevada.

A passionate advocate, Tracy is a true champion of the people, a dedicated wife and mother, and a proud Nevadan.

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