Making a Difference

Protecting the most vulnerable

Healthcare / Disability Advocacy

  • Improved access to community by people with profound disabilities needing medication during their service day. And also allowed for additional services to be provided by Direct Care Professionals (read more). (AB 78)
  • Required identifying who is acting as a caregiver for their family. It is important we know who needs help to stay in their family home. (AB 100)

  • Ensuring all families expecting a baby with Down Syndrome receive accurate information and referrals to help ensure a healthy and joyful delivery. (AB 116)

  • Added an American Sign Language Interpreter to the Nevada Commission for People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. (AB 206)
  • Created a transition plan to eliminate the use of sub-minimum wage for people with disabilities. This bill also helped to ensure new services were available to people with disabilities served under the Medicaid ID Waiver. (AB 259)

Community Safety: Standing up for Nevada Families & Small Businesses

  • Standing up for Nevada families + small businesses working to make our roads safer. Towing of a vehicle being used in a wreckless manner. Addressed a dangerous situation called “trick driving” or “street takeover.” (AB 408)

Consumer Protections: Safeguards on Vehicle Purchases

  • Worked to allow for the return of a vehicle and the unwinding of a sale through the Nevada DMV for vehicle purchases. (AB 290)
  • Worked to ensure timeliness in insurance claim response following a vehicle crash. (AB 334)

Employment: Creating Good Paying Jobs

  • Required the State of Nevada to act as a model employer and increase its hiring of people who identify as having a disability. That includes people who acquire their disability through an accident, illness, or service such as disabled veterans, people who experience traumatic brain injury, as well as those who were born with a disability. (AB 279)

Education: Aiding Future Generations by Prioritizing Nevada’s Students

  • Supported the largest increase in education spending Nevada has seen.